Julie Hopkins Sponsors Park City History Bits on KPCW

Listen to a history piece that showcases the Park City area from our local radio broadcaster, KPCW.

February 27, 2014
Did you know one of the largest drug busts in Park City took place in 1915? Listen Now

February 13, 2014
Did you know at one time, Park City’s most distinguished landmark was a building, and not the mountains? Listen Now

February 6, 2014
Did you know Park City had its own soda pop for almost 70 years? Listen Now

January 30, 2014
Did you know Park City has earned the nickname “Sin City” in Utah since the 1870s? Listen Now

January 23, 2014
Do you know what special role certain immigrants from Michigan played in Park City’s history? Listen Now

January 16, 2014
Did you know you once were able to get to Park City’s ski trails by subway? Listen Now

January 9, 2014
Have you ever asked, “Are those shoes in those trees?” when you’ve driven up Deer Valley Drive? Listen Now

December 26, 2013
If you ever thought alcohol was hard to get in Utah, imagine being at the Gold Label Liquor Company the night before Prohibition started. Listen Now

December 19, 2013
Did you know Park City’s own Little Train That Could, could for about nine years? Listen Now

December 12, 2013
What happened in 1905 when a Rio Grande Western train wrecked near the depot? Listen Now

December 5, 2013
Did you know the “King of Denmark’s” saloon helped Park City recover from the Great Fire of 1898? Listen Now

November 28, 2013
Do you remember how you used to get up the ski hill? Listen Now

November 21, 2013
Did you know avoiding water was once a huge challenge for miners? Listen Now

November 14, 2013
Did you know a murder in 1883 shocked Park City’s citizens, who dealt with lawlessness almost daily? Listen Now

November 7, 2013
Did you know you once were able to get to Park City’s ski trails by subway? Listen Now

October 31, 2013
Did you know the famous Pony Express came right through Summit County? Listen Now

October 24, 2013
Have you heard of the two women who ran the Park City franchise of the world’s oldest profession? Listen Now

October 17, 2013
Did you know there was a time when Kings & Queens ruled Park City–as well as cleaned, cooked and staffed the front desk at the Chateaux Apres Lodge? Listen Now

October 10, 2013
Did You Know Park City’s First Ski Resort Was Actually Started By Two Ski Buddies? Listen Now

August 22, 2013
Whose Life Was More Valuable In 1899 – A Horse’s Or A Miner’s? Listen Now

August 15, 2013
Did You Know That It Was Considered Bad Luck For A Woman To Work Underground In The Mines? Listen Now

August 8, 2013
Do You Think Park City Would Be As Popular As It Is Today If It Still Took Four Hours To Get Here? Listen Now

August 1, 2013
Besides Bars And Bordellos, What Did Local Residents Do For Entertainment When Park City Was Just Starting Out? Listen Now

July 25, 2013
Did You Ever Wonder Why A Siren Goes Off In Old Town Every Night? Listen Now

July 18, 2013
Did You Know Park City’s Rich And Famous Have Been Making Tabloid Fodder For More Than 100 Years? Listen Now

July 11, 2013
Who Is CB’s Ski Run Named After? Listen Now

July 4, 2013
You Just Won Gold In The Winter Olympics! What Do You Do Now? Listen Now

June 27, 2013
Why Does Park City Have A Parking Garage Called The China Bridge? Listen Now

June 20, 2013
Ever Walk Along The Trails Of Poison Creek As You’re Heading Up To Main Street And Wonder Where The Name Came From? Listen Now

June 13, 2013
Do You Know Who Brought Celebrities And Literati To Park City Decades Before Robert Redford Did? Listen Now

June 6, 2013
Did You Know You Would Have Been Pitied If You Told Folks You Lived In Park City In The 19th Century? Listen Now

May 30, 2013
Hearst Ontario Mine Listen Now